The Holy Qubtic-Church of the Black Messiah in conjunction with the Journey Home Group international was established in 2003 as an organization focused on reconnecting those Nubian-Melaninites of the Diaspora back to Tama-Re (Ancient Africa) by taking the best which the West has to offer back to the African continent. We realize that in order to be able to do that we must first inspire all Nubian-Melaninites worldwide to have not only a love for themselves but also for the great continent. This is because once we as a people develop and nurture these feelings once again there is nothing we can not accomplish much like members of other ethnic backgrounds have done for the lands of their nativity. 
As such the Holy Qubtic-Church works to not only take Nubian-Melaninites on visits to the soil of the Mother-Land but also get all who do such to invest their time, labor and finances in such a way as to establish businesses, farmland, schools and urgent care centers within certain countries on the African continent as well as the Caribbean, thereby up-keeping and working to further fulfill the goals, dreams and aspirations of such greats who are no longer with us.
The Intense Scriptural-Study Parchments also allows each who reads them especially those of the Nubian-Melaninite family to regain a sense of self-pride, responsibility to the betterment of humanity along with the knowledge as to the Tama-Rean (Ancient African) perspective of the scriptures of old and just how those precepts were misinterpreted to the point whereby they became concepts which are now more so Greco-Roman in appearance and teachings than Tama-Rean (Ancient African). This causes so many especially those of the Nubian-Melaninite family to feel a lack of direct-connection to divinity, possessed by a sense of self-hate, or worse end up totally giving up on the realities of the Scriptures as they feel there is no place for them in the world of spirituality called religion as it is being taught and accepted in this day.
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